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marble countertop and parmesan cheese If you're looking for a durable, elegant countertop, that with proper maintenance will last a long time, marble is an excellent choice.  Not only does marble have desirable veining and swirls, but it also has a natural glow.  Light penetrates marble and is reflected due to the calcium present in it, thus muting the light and causing the marble to glow.  White marble has more of a glow than color marbles; therefore, these white pieces are the most expensive.  Along with this glow, most marble is sealed and polished to a high gloss to bring out its classical beauty.

wine glasses on a marble counter top Marble is used to create an aura of elegance and class.  Countertops of this material, with its delicate coloring and polished surface, can lend prestige and stature to a business.  A polished marble surface on an island or bar countertop is stunning.  Bathroom vanity tops are frequently fabricated from marble as well.  Marble is available in many colors; the most common colors are white, gray, green, and pink.  Unless you want an all-white kitchen, marble countertops are usually fabricated from off-white or colored marble slabs.  Solid marble countertops are expensive and heavy, so properly installed marble tiles are often used to cover a countertop instead.

baker using a marble counter surface Marble is frequently used in restaurant kitchens because it is highly heat resistant, and hot plates can be placed on it.  Also, marble is the best countertop surface for a person who does a lot of baking.  The surface is cool and smooth, so pastry doughs don't usually stick to it.  However, because marble is very porous and somewhat fragile, it is generally used in small areas, often as an insert in another type of countertop surface material.  Oils and acids can stain its surface, so it requires frequent sealing when used in work areas.

Marble will require maintenance.  Wiping a marble countertop or insert with a damp cloth, preferably a chamois, will keep it clean.  Clean up spills quickly and have it buffed or polished periodically.  There are products to remove stains, but use mats or coasters to eliminate the chance of water marks from glasses.  Commercial marble cleaners and polishes are available.  You may, however, just wish to leave the marks to add to its natural patina.

green marble countertops

With its beautiful patterns, marble is sure to capture attention.  For more information about marble, its uses, and its characteristics, visit the websites listed below.

  • The Natural Stone Institute promotes the use of natural stone.  It provides information on workmanship, suitable application and standards for natural stone.
  • The Vermont Marble Museum is a showcase of Vermont marble and its uses.
  • The All Granite and Marble Corporation fabricates and installs marble countertops and vanity tops as well as other types of natural stone products.
  • Verona Marble Company supplies natural marble, natural granite, and engineered stone slabs and tiles.

marble countertop with bathroom faucet and vanity sink

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